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Water & Storm Damage Services

Cinergy Restoration has decades of experience in the restoration of businesses as well as residences that have been affected by storms and the destruction that they cause. Alongside the experience, our technicians are certified, trained, and can bring your home or business back to 100%. We understand that when living in South Florida storms are common, therefore we are always ready! 

Water damage like a leak or flood can be an issue that was completely unexpected and can devastate a home or business. This issue can lead to mold, if not addressed immediately and properly. Alongside every issue, we document and monitor everything from beginning to end. Not only are our certified, trained technicians, and customers a priority, so is our equipment. We make sure to always utilize the most current and effective equipment to ensure that the issue at hand is addressed properly. 

Don’t let water ruin your day, call Cinergy Restorations at (954) 397-7707!


Steps for Water and Damage Restoration

  • Step 1: Contact Cinergy Restorations
  • Step 2: Assess the Damage and Inspect Home
  • Step 3: Removal of Water
  • Step 4: Dehumidification and Drying of Affected Area
  • Step 5: Cleaning

What we offer: 

  • Owned and Operated Locally
  • Emergency Services 24/7
  • Expertly Trained Technicians in Water & Storm Damage
  • Specialized Water & Storm  Equipment
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture Removal and many more!

The first step in the restoration process is to contact Cinergy Restorations. The next step is to determine what and where the source of the water is and stop it! Then the classification of the water must be determined, so that it can be addressed properly. There are three levels of classification, they are Category 1: "Clean Water”, Category 2: "Gray Water”, and Category 3: "Black Water”. The entire area must be inspected to ensure that the issue has not spread.
Your furniture is just as important as your home, therefore we will move it for you to prevent further damage, then the full restoration process can begin! Our technicians will come in with vacuums and pumps to help dry and remove the excess water. Moisture detectors will also be used to determine if there is moisture still present and if so, where? Not only do we specialize in the removal of water, we also remove the dreadful odors that tend to accompany moisture.