Fire Damage Repair Florida

Fire Damage Repair

From smoke remediation to fire mitigation, Cinergy Restoration is your leading emergency service provider.

One of the most destructive and detrimental damages that can occur to ones home and property is fire and smoke damage. Now, not only is your home in jeopardy, but your safety as well, and we at Cinergy Restoration will do all that we can to protect and make your family feel safe.

As an emergency service provider for many of today’s leading insurance carriers, Cinergy Restoration guarantees quality emergency services within 2-hours of a fire and smoke emergency to ensure a timely restoration process.

Florida Fire Restoration Services

Even small fires can quickly become a very complicated and challenging situation. This can also be difficult for even the most experienced fire restoration service companies. Frequently this is a very emotional and potentially devastating scenario for any home or business owner.

At Cinergy, we assign our team of fire damage experts to assess the damage and the extent at which restoration services will be needed to return to a safe environment that is as good or better than it was prior to the fire or smoke damage. Just like every fire is unique, so is every plan to restore your home or business quickly and safely.

Florida Fire Damage FAQs

Q: How do you fix fire damage?
A: First our team of fire damage experts will assess the home or business and/or clean the space to determine the extent of damage. Once that assessment is complete, we can move on to actually beginning the restoration process.

Q: Why should I hire professionals?
A: It may appear as if you can handle cleaning up the damage yourself but there may be hidden damage or areas that you can actually make worse if the wrong products or execution is used. Using fire restoration experts like our team at Cinergy is the safest way to protect your home.

Q: What should I take from my home?
A: Your safety is the most important concern when leaving your home. If there’s time to grab anything safely you may want to grab the absolute essentials.