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Cinergy Restoration provides Water Damage, Mold Remediation, Fire Restoration, and full reconstruction for your home or business in the Sunrise Florida area.

Water Damage

The most comprehensive and technologically advanced water damage removal services.

Mold Removal

The success of our process is identifying the source and removing the mold immediately.

Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage can vary, but our technicians are trained to handle any fire loss.

Water Damage in Florida

Flooding or water damage can happen at any time in Florida due to weather conditions. Whether you have an internal plumbing issue that needs water extraction or removal, Cinergy has you covered. How quickly the standing or flowing water can be removed is essential for a full restoration and to prevent mold or mildew that can cause serious damage or health issues. Let us help restore your home or business using the latest and safest water removal techniques.

Flood Damage Florida
Fire Restoration Florida

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage in Florida is quite common and is an extremely unfortunate situation. Our fire restoration experts can help restore your home or business to a condition that is actually better than before the fire occurred. Using the latest and safest methods and tools, our team will remove and replace any of the areas affected by the fire and rebuild everything properly and efficiently. Not only do we pride ourselves in doing the job right, we also want to do it quickly so you can get back to your life before the fire.

Mold Removal Florida

Mold typically thrives in environments with high humid, moisture, water, or all of the above. Not only is mold a serious health risk, but it can cause damage and destroy areas of your home or business requiring them to need to be fully replaced. Our mold removal specialists can safely remove the mold without spreading the problem and leaving mold spores in the air causing even larger issues. Removing the mold needs to be done right, with the proper techniques and tools.

Mold Removal Florida
Restoration Services Sunrise FL

Your All-In-One
Restoration and Reconstruction

We handle all of your restoration needs, and unlike most companies in our industry we also handle any reconstruction needs as well. This means you won’t have to use one company for restoration, and then go through the hassle of finding another to rebuild the damaged areas.

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